The Daniels Difference


  • We provide biomedical waste containers designed by clinicians for clinicians! 
  • All containers sanitised through a world-leading robotic washing / decontamination process. 
  • It is our drivers and our trucks that will service your facility, no third party hauler risk
  • We are up front with our costs and transparent with our contracts 
  • Scheduling that supports your practice – you pay only for what you need
  • Eliminate disposal-related needlestick injuries with our advanced sharps safety systems 
  • Eliminate the purchase, disposal costs and landfill of one-time-use disposable containers


  • Sharps and Biomedical Waste Services 
  • Anatomical Waste Services
  • Cytotoxic Waste Services 
  • Pharmaceutical & Hazardous Waste Services 
  • Onsite and online compliance and education


Biomedical & Biohazardous Waste Disposal in Quebec City


Most North Americans assume that if they want a taste of Europe, they have to cross the pond. But there is actually a North American city that delivers significant European flavour without the associated jet lag: Quebec City, the capital of Canada's mostly French-speaking Québec province. In fact, Quebec City's tourism slogan is literally “So Europe. So close.” Quebec City is often referred to as “the cradle of French civilisation in North America,” and the French influence on the city can easily be seen in the architecture and cobbled streets.


The Petit Champlain district’s cobblestone streets are lined with bistros and boutiques. Walking around this part of the city, visitors absolutely feel like they're in Europe. While 95% of Quebec City residents are French speakers, almost everyone speaks English as well!

With rich amounts of history, culture, architecture, food, and friendly residents, it's hard to NOT fall in love with Quebec City. Spend any amount of time in Quebec City and you’ll quickly discover why it ranks amongst the 20 best food cities in the world according to readers of Conde Nast Traveler. Beyond the ubiquitous poutine, there are amazing French bistros, brasseries, and cafes, global, ethnic, and fusion cuisines, and both classic and modern takes on Canadian fare.

The city also has a rich legacy of education. Amongst other educational institutions, the Université Laval's Medical School primarily focuses on the educational and medical needs of the province. Founded in 1848, the Laval Medical School is one of Canada's oldest medical institutions.

Much like the great minds educated at Université Laval, Daniels Health has a passion for healthcare innovation. Daniels Health is on the forefront of innovative practices aimed at making healthcare safer. Daniels’ patented engineered accessory systems are designed to optimise space, overcome logistical challenges, and enable point-of-use disposal. Healthcare professionals and their patients deserve a modern design that meets their unique needs, and that’s where we come in!


Quebec City Healthcare Waste Management with a difference.


The Canadian healthcare waste sector needed to be shaken up—after all, why have the same healthcare waste solutions that existed in 90s? Daniels health introduced new solutions that were reusable, sustainable, and safe. We are not your average “bag and a box” company. We are a full healthcare waste management partner that works to perfect every aspect of your waste treatment programme. Our solutions are designed with inbuilt locking systems, safety trays that prevent overfill, and leakproof seals! Even with all our safety features, our containers are pleasing to look at too. If you want to make sure your facility has the latest and greatest in healthcare waste solutions, consider the Daniels system. We will deliver containers for Quebec City healthcare facilities as well as provide biomedical waste and hazardous waste services and schedules that meet the unique requirements of every sized patient care facility. 

Daniels Health partners with Quebec City healthcare facilities to provide full-service disposal and treatment for the following waste streams: 

With a local team that has proven excellence in service reliability and customer support, we can offer best-in-class waste collection services for all sized facilities across Quebec. Speak to one of our experts today to see how we could partner in managing your waste needs. 


We service locally.


We want all of our customers to feel like we are their full partner in their healthcare waste management. Daniels Health has grown to the size we are today, a nationally servicing company because we focused on our local footprint first. Our local team in Quebec creates every aspect of your customer journey and works hard to ensure it’s nothing short of perfect. Canadians make up our team and they care about your needs. Our operational experts manage the disposal, treatment, and robotic washing processes at our clean processing and treatment plant just half an hour from Quebec City. For information about the local biomedical waste handling and storage regulations applicable in Quebc City, visit our Quebec services page here. 


Featured Product.


Cytotoxic waste is one of the most heavily regulated waste streams. Due to the hazardous nature of this waste stream, Daniels Health has designed innovative container solutions with your safety in mind. The Daniels system for cytotoxic waste is completely touchless—this means there is a massive reduction in the risk of infection transfer. With a leak-proof seal, impenetrable plastic, and both temporary and permanent locks, the Chemosmart is the way to go when disposing of trace cytotoxic/chemotherapy waste.