Where will a career with
Daniels take you? 

At Daniels we have a strong vision that drives us every day. Whether this is preventing needlestick injuries and quite literally saving the lives of healthcare practitioners, or whether it is creating a platform that will facilitate our team to grow and find strength, courage and fulfillment in their careers; we are passionate about empowerment.


We don't fit the a-typical workplace; we're extremely entrepreneurial, we value leadership above degree, we believe in creating a family culture that empowers success rather than manufactures it, we believe in service at the most basic levels, we believe that what we do every day makes a difference. Our business is not a fit for everyone, but if what we stand for excites you, we would love to connect with you. 




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Amazing People...

For almost ten years I have had the honour to work with a team full of the most amazing people driven to the vision of our founder Dan Daniels to ‘Make Healthcare Safer’. Learning the business from the most knowledgeable global leadership team in the Medical Waste industry, not only has our team worked tirelessly to ensure we are providing the safest solutions to clinicians, nurses and patients worldwide, we have also created a company culture that anyone would be lucky to work at. 

Meaghan Sloan

Manager, Customer Support and Satisfaction

Limitless Opportunities...

I am honored to be a part of a great team that is ensuring a vital industry remains safe and productive. The opportunities in my two years with Daniels have been limitless, they are increasing as we expand our reach and gain higher levels of accomplishments, and I am happy knowing I play a role in helping healthcare strive for a cleaner, safer and ecologically responsible position.   

Brian Litwiller

Plant Operations Supervisor

Honest and Open Culture...

As one of the newer members of the Daniels’ Health team in Canada joining an inspiring group of dedicated individuals, I’m energised and motivated every day to come in to work. As well as an honest and open culture that supports professional growth, Daniels’ has a very receptive approach towards innovation, and will encourage staff to come forward with ideas to revamp existing processes, reporting formats, content and business initiatives empowering the team!   

Catherine Cripps

Financial Controller

Family Oriented Team...

I enjoy working at Daniels because of their focus on enhancing safety in the Canadian healthcare system while protecting our environment with eco-friendly products.  Those two things are very important to me and make me enjoy being part of a family oriented team as well. 

Babacar Diagne

Regional Sales Manager

Professional Match Making...

I am passionate about people and talent because it means we can build a successful foundation around us. Highlighting people’s talents and seeing them contribute to the bigger picture is exciting. It’s like professional match making! Nurturing those relationships along the way among my peers is important to me so we can work as a team. 

Kaitlyn Heard

Talent Specialist

Entrepreneurial Environment...

It is truly inspiring to work within an organisation that is packed with passionate individuals who work together from all levels of the company. Daniels provides you the opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial environment where you are the master of your development and success. Being responsible for Compliance, its exciting in a continuously evolving industry to remain ahead of all regulation changes.

Kyle Little

Compliance Manager

I am honoured...

I am passionate about People and Talent because of the culture and values at Daniels Health. I am honoured to work for an organisation where our focus is saving lives and providing sustainable solutions to healthcare professionals. This philosophy supports my passion for people and talent.

Nicole Brooks

HR Generalist