Healthcare Waste Optimisation

Driving Segregation Efficiencies in the management of all healthcare waste streams 

Passionate about environmental outcomes and healthcare waste minimisation, Daniels uses its four walls approach to identify current behaviours within each facility we work in, and provide containment, location, audit and training solutions to ensure we optimise healthcare waste segregation and workplace safety. 



Through pharmaceutical and biomedical waste audits, intelligent tracking technology that identifies incorrect segregation at department or location level, superior containers, mounting and movement solutions and clearly colour-differentiated systems that encourage segregation, we partner with hospitals to save costs, minimise healthcare waste volumes, and improve efficiencies in the correct optimisation of all healthcare waste streams. 

Benefits delivered to you 
  • Sharps, biomedical waste, and pharmaceutical waste volume reductions 

  • Reduced over-classification of waste results in significant cost reductions 

  • Reduced risk of cross-contamination

  • Reduced risk associated with incorrect disposal and retrieval of medications 

  • Promote correct segregation, delivering more efficient processes wtih stronger staff competency 

  • Generated waste dealt with quickly and safely with minimal handling

  • Strong suite of educational materials available, including online modules and educational posters

  • Removal of stagnant and potentially contaminated waste bins in patient rooms

  • Eliminating the risks of injuries or spills/leakages

  • Risks of pathogen transfer reduced with Automated Washing process 

  • Overall improvement to labour efficiencies and reduction in double handling 

Daniels Health believes in segregating each biomedical waste type to ensure that the most appropriate, environmentally friendly and CEPA approved treatments and disposal methods are employed. We are helping more and more of our customers segregate their waste streams, which reduces the need for incineration.