Optimise Your Med Spa’s Waste Management 

Re-define the safety and cleanliness of your waste management with a single waste vendor for sharps, biomedical and pharmaceutical waste.

Does your facility provide med spa treatments such as Cool Sculpting®, Botox®, or cosmetic procedures that include dermabrasion, dermaplaning, and derma fillers? Do you offer laser hair removal and hair replacement treatments? Do you conduct aesthetic medical procedures e.g., liposuction, sclerotherapy, and vampire facelifts? If you do, you may be surprised to know that you are in fact a healthcare waste generator - and we're here to support you. 

Firm up your Med Spa Waste Management strategy with Daniels Health. Our safe and secure sharps and biomedical waste disposal solutions are designed for safety and cleanliness, reducing cross-contamination and unsightly waste or dirty bins in high-sanitisation clinical environments. From offering clinically engineered waste containers that reduce risk and cost, to compliant-driven waste collection and treatment services, we protect the risk profile and cleanliness of your beauty care environment.




Simple and effective waste services for your Med Spa

1 /  We will conduct a waste audit in your clinic to ascertain waste types in order to recommend right-fit container solutions.

2 /  We will recommend a waste pick-up schedule based on your clinic’s waste volumes that minimises service costs, while ensuring compliance.

3 /  We will provide our full-service pricing for containers, waste collection, transport and disposal.

4 /  We will be accountable for delivering an outstanding customer experience. Our compliance and customer excellence team support every aspect of your waste management needs – eliminating the need for multiple or external partners.



We approach Biohazardous Waste Clinically 

Safety, cleanliness and infection control are a top priority for Med Spas; to achieve the highest modern standard in biomedical waste disposal services, our containers and services are designed to achieve the highest safety standards in needlestick disposal, and resistance to cross-contamination. Daniels’ suite of reusable containers are designed for hands-free disposal of sharps, surgical devices, pharmaceuticals and biomedical waste; each container is exchanged after every fill, robotically washed to eliminate surface contamination and microbial growth, and replaced with newly sanitised containers.





Modern Medical Waste Solutions for Med Spas

The Daniels Difference


Say goodbye to yellow bags, dirty biomedical waste bins and disposable sharps containers, Time to makeover your Med Spa waste management with clean, modern, reusable biohazardous waste containers.


Prioritise cleanliness in your facility with our hands-free waste bins which are robotically washed and sanitised after every fill - introducing a new hygiene and decontamination standard.


When you partner with Daniels, you receive quality-focused and reliable service management from a single vendor - we manage every aspect of waste handling from collection to disposal, protecting your compliance risk. 


We listen, we action, we expedite! We understand that on-time and cost effective Med Spa waste services are critical to your business; our local pickup services are designed to be flexible to your specific clinic needs. 

"Daniels is the best service..."

We switched to Daniels from Stericycle last year. The quality of service is better than previous suppliers, and the containers are safer for the staff to use. It’s nice to have a rep that we can communicate with and get timely help from; a lot of companies don’t have reps that will come on site and work through issues. As far as we’ve seen in the industry, Daniels is the best service at the most affordable price. 

Jennifer Chura, Purchashing / CPD Supervisor

Midtown Surgery Center

Daniels Service "Can't be Beat"

The Daniels Sharpsmart program has been extremely successful by reducing our needlestick injuries by 50% and Daniels' service capability can’t be beat. We are a two hospital system and have enjoyed our decision and success, and will continue to use Daniels Health.

Paula J Fasick, Director of Materials Management

Upper Chesapeake Health

"Exceptional Training..."

For a number of years I have had the pleasure of having Daniels as a service provider and throughout the years I have been impressed with their commitment to customer service. We have not only been the recipient of good quality service, our staff have been provided exceptional training by informative and dedicated staff. Our questions and issues are always addressed in a timely manner and the team at Daniels have always gone above and beyond our expectations.

Catherine Lockwood, Manager – Customer Support Services

Joseph Brant Hospital

"Fewer Interruptions..."

With Daniels' larger containers we have fewer pick-ups which means fewer interruptions for our support staff in the ORs. With hazardous waste, it’s important to have a provider that's compliant with DOH policies. Daniels demonstrate this through their safe containers and staff education initiatives (BBP training, in-services, OSHA guidance, etc). Daniels is the best service at the most affordable price. 

Jennifer Chura, Purchashing / CPD Supervisor

Midtown Surgery Center

"Daniels is just wonderful!..."

We are a free clinic with no means of support except for grants and donations, and therefore depend on fairly priced services for the clinic. Daniels is just wonderful!. The key points are dependability, professionalism and affordable pricing. The driver does a great job, personable and helpful and the entire program is really low maintenance. I am happy to recommend Daniels because of all they provide for us

Paul Tyrer (Office Manager)

SE In. Health

Brands we partner with

We are proud to have been chosen by many of Canada's leading medical institutions as vendor of choice for healthcare waste services. Here are some of the healthcare facilities we serve.