Sharps Disposal

Did you know the design of the sharps container you use greatly impacts the safety of your staff and patients? Optimise your sharps waste management strategy with our Sharpsmart collectors - a reusable and innovative collector with inbuilt safety features proven to reduce the risk of container-related sharps injury by 86.6%!



Biomedical Disposal

Ready to eliminate unnecessary container touches? Bring your hospital waste management into a new era of clinical hygiene with our bagless, foot-pedal operated biomedical waste container: the Medismart. Explore how this system reduces cross contamination and promotes proper waste segregation.




Cytotoxic Disposal

It is imperative to clinical safety that cytotoxic and chemotherapy waste be disposed of easily and with minimal touches - we achieve this safety with our Chemosmart collectors. Learn why this hands-free solution is a favourite among Canadian oncology units.



Pharmaceutical Disposal

Whether your pharmacy is based within a hospital or the neighborhood grocer, the Pharmasmart is designed to meet your needs. This non-hazardous pharmaceutical collector is built with impenetrable plastic, semi and permanent locks, and a tamperproof design.




Explore a New Normal by Role


Explore how Daniel's modern approach to healthcare waste management will benefit a variety of healthcare roles. Our innovative approach is proven to reduce labour, lower cross-contamination risk, minimise costs by eliminating single-use containers, and optimise the entire healthcare waste management process.

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