Frequently Asked Questions 

With constantly changing local, regional and national regulations, stringent UN classifications, and complex guidelines surrounding the safe handling, containment and disposal of healthcare generated waste streams, we want to make the journey as easy as possible for you to understand, navigate and enact positive change in your facility and processes.

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How is CPI calculated?
CPI Tables: CPI %: (Current Year CPI - Prior Year CPI) / Prior Year CPI
How can I make a payment?
Payment can be made by check or card: Check: Send the lower portion of the invoice with payment to Daniels Health, 52 Bramsteele Road, Unit 8, Brampton Ontario L6W3M5 Card: Call Accounts Receivable at 1-888-793-2966
What is the service charge on my invoice?
Please refer to the table on this page
What do the type and description fields on my invoice mean?
Please refer to the table on this page
When are invoices generated?
Typically, our invoices are generated on activity. Flat monthly rate invoices are generated on the first of each month for the upcoming month. See more here
How are our installation technicians equipped to understand layout and protocols of hospitals?
Installation Technicians are given printed copies of the most updated Site Assessment for any/all accounts they will manage. During the training phase they are showing how the Assessment is built & how to properly read the document to understand.