COVID-19 Vaccine Disposal  

COVID-19 waste handling and the collection and disposal of COVID vaccines 

As the industry leader in clinically engineered devices for the containment of sharps and pharmaceuticals, we pride ourselves on providing expert solutions for the safe and compliant disposal, collection and treatment of all vaccines, sharps and pharmaceutical waste. Across Canada we have been securing inventory to accommodate the surge of both pharmaceutical and sharps containers required for disposal of COVID-19 vaccines and strengthening our service infrastructure to support timely responsiveness to demand.


COVID-19 Vaccine Disposal Management | A Full Service Partner

An integral part of COVID-19 vaccinations is not only temperature-controlled storage requirements of unused vaccines, but also the safe and compliant disposal of expired medications, partially used vaccines and expunged syringes with trace amounts of vaccine. As a full service partner, Daniels Health manages every aspect of COVID-19 vaccine collection and disposal, from the provision of the industry's safest containment system through to the compliant collection, transport and waste treatment of bulk vaccines and contaminated sharps.


Understand our Approach to COVID-19 Waste



Pharmasmart: A new modern standard of secure COVID-19 vaccine vial and liquid residual disposal 

Incorrectly disposed or unsecured vaccines and medications can have a detrimental effect on environment, as well as posing extreme risk to people who come into unauthorised contact through improper exposure. Daniels Pharmasmart is Canada's solution to vaccine and pharmaceutical waste container designed to exceed industry standards and guidelines for responsible pharmaceutical waste management.  The clinical, hands-free design with inbuilt security locks, anti-shatter, impenetrable plastic, and leakproof seals protect staff in COVID-19 vaccine or vial disposal from cross-contamination and infection. 


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Environmentally focused COVID-19 vaccine waste solutions for every sized patient-care facility


Daniels has national expertise in healthcare regulations and clinical support services, and the second largest infrastructure for all sized facilities, from long term care to mutli-site hospitals. 


Our solutions are designed with a clinical-first focus; our “no-touch” containers eliminate cross-contamination, with robotic washing that achieves maximum sanitisation, solutions that interface with patient care. 


Daniels provides a service-based model with re-usable containers. We also have targeted education, trucks, and people ready to support on scale; we have invested heavily in contingency planning to ensure that we can support Canadian healthcare in its time of need.  


Operating in Canadian healthcare for 20 years, we have compliance, education and clinical experts that can provide up to date guidance on compliant segregation, disposal and regulatory requirements. 

The Daniels Pharmasmart and Sharpsmart containers protect users by
eliminating "touches" and unauthorised container retrieval; safety features include: 


Daniels containers' mobile positioning, "no-touch" design, and robotic washing sanitisation process eliminates contamination risk.  


Key-secured locking brackets secure Sharpsmart and Pharmasmart containers to a wall, eliminating risk of tampering, unauthorised removal or access to sharps contents 


The inbuilt safety tray installed in Sharpsmart and Pharmasmart containers eliminates hand-access to pharmaceutical contents and protects against container overfill and injury risk


The Sharpsmart and Pharmasmart are designed with temporary and permanent locks and a hand-restricting opening to eliminate container tampering or retrieval of contents

"Protects our staff, our patients..."

I could not have asked for a better transition to a product. The Daniels Sharpsmart collector allows us to protect our staff, our patients and our visitors as well as our environment. 

Jack Rupert, Director of Environmental Services

University of Louisville Hospital

"No complaints"

Since the changeover to Sharpsmart, we have seen a major reduction in sharps injuries. The Daniels container has a built in 3/4 full feature that prevents overfilling and is completely secure. The container is much stronger and thicker than disposables and you don't have to assemble them. I used to get complaints daily from various departments about our old system, I can honestly say I can't recall a single complaint about Daniels containers.

Peter Clayton, EVS Director

Fairview Group, Minneapolis

"No Cleaning of Cabinets..."

The staff all love the ease of use with the containers. The EVS staff love the fact that they are single pieces and the lack of an outer cabinet like other systems that needs to be cleaned regularly.

Gary McDermott, President Comprehensive Waste Stream Consulting

Comprehensive Waste Stream Consulting

Daniels Service "Can't be Beat"

The Daniels Sharpsmart program has been extremely successful by reducing our needlestick injuries by 50% and Daniels' service capability can’t be beat. We are a two hospital system and have enjoyed our decision and success, and will continue to use Daniels Health.

Paula J Fasick, Director of Materials Management

Upper Chesapeake Health

"Reduction in Needlestick Injuries..."

I am pleased to confirm that the introduction of Sharpsmart has contributed to a verifiable reduction in Needle Stick injuries.

Catherine Stokoe, Specialist Infection Control Nurse

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust, UK