Installation & Deployment

To achieve positive adoption of a new product or service, one of the most critical components for both the customer and vendor is a successful partnership during the deployment and implementation phase. Working with thousands of public and private healthcare facilities around the world, our implementation approach is dedicated to facility-specific planning, clear communications and education facilitation, and the establishing of mutually agreed KPI’s and timelines to ensure our definitions of success are aligned and the rollout of a new program poses minimal impact to patient care.  


Here's our approach...


1. Preliminary Meetings and Mobilisation Strategy

In the planning phase, we request meetings with all key project leads of the Healthcare Facility to understand the current state of play, and to establish realistic timelines for implementation by facility and location. In partnership with you, we develop a strategy plan that outlines contract KPI’s and milestones all based around five key goals of healthcare – safety, sustainability, efficiency, compliance and education, as well as agreeing procurement methods (consolidated stock ordering and replenishment) and budget management. 

2. Site Assessment and Ward Walks

In the assessment phase, our expert field service team will walk the site to audit and blueprint specific requirements location by location, it’s important that our solutions take into account unique staffing, volume and space requirements! The data collected from our ward walks (including onsite logistics, internal and external storage, waste volumes and portering resource availability) will be analysed to identify safety and efficiency opportunities and design a bespoke ‘best-fit’ working plan prior to installation.   

3. Install Preparation

In the preparation phase, our clinical team will produce a thorough installation plan that is complete with risk assessments, method statements, and install timings. This plan will be communicated with the Facility Project leads for review and approval. Once consensus is reached on the timelines and implementation methodologies, our clinical team will engage with department leads and provide clear expectations on the implementation process, the removal of the existing system and when pre-installation training needs to be completed.  

4. Install

In the install phase, we are aligning our team’s onboarding goals with the project plan agreed between Daniels Health and the Healthcare Facility. Whether the implementation of our Sharpsmart sharps container system, Cytotoxic, Pharmaceutical Waste Management or Medismart systems, our number one imperative is to achieve a seamless transition from the old waste management system to the new system, achieving minimal impact on patient care. Throughout implementation, our specialist rollout team will be present onsite, this team is comprised of a Service Technician who will project manage installation, Implementation Assistants to facilitate product and accessory placement, and a Product Educator to provide staff training and education aids. Our aim is to reach all staff members that come into contact with the new system from clinical to domestic staff, providing access to education aids and alleviating confusion or concerns with the new system.  

5. Stock and Service Scheduling

In the scheduling phase, we work with your onsite team to determine the right logistics methodologies (storage, container exchange and service frequencies) based on each department’s stock requirements and ensure you will never run out of containers! Through this process, we ensure that it’s logistically practical for EVS or clinical staff to manage the collection and delivery of our containers onsite and we provide monitoring tools that will help enable onsite efficiencies, and clearly identify if any aspect of the system falls outside our agreed safety or cost parameters. All service schedules are then aligned with the local Daniels clean processing plant to ensure that optimum sharps container stock is available at all times.  

6. Welcome to Daniels!

In the welcome phase, we want to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with Daniels' solutions know who we are and have an open-door for help! Upon implementation of each department, we supply a welcome pack detailing key information about the new system and what support is available from our dedicated support team. During this period, a member of our customer excellence team will partner with your facility to ensure that each relevant team member is given a welcome call and opportunity to evaluate their experience with us.  

7. Account Optimisation

In the optimisation phase, we want to ensure that what we predicted is an actual representation of your needs. Sometimes implementing a new system requires a few “guesses” – it’s not always comparing apples and apples, sometimes there’s a few pears thrown in! During the first month following implementation, we work closely with each department to ensure that we are achieving 100% efficiency, identifying training needs and facilitating further education. Through high level audits we evaluate the successful adoption of the new system, and also facilitate the opportunity for users to change any point-of-use accessories to improve efficiency and best-practice.  

8. Ongoing Support and Strategic Planning

In the strategic planning phase, we’ve already been partners for a few months and we’re asking ourselves the question – how do we take care of you better and continue to deliver value to your Organisation? We’ve already set KPI’s and goals, now is the time to re-evaluate and ensure that what we predicted three months ago is still on track with your Organisation’s objectives. We review our KPI’s and waste segregation output and establish goals for the next three months; identifying training needs, our team revisit your facility to conduct refresher training, waste audits, and clinical evaluations of the system’s success. All of this is documented and provided to you in regular reports, helping you to retain visibility and making timely changes necessary to optimise efficiencies and costs.  

9. Continual Improvement and Innovation

This phase doesn’t have a name because it’s our commitment to you irrespective of where we are together in the journey, to provide you with excellence of care and a commitment to grow with you. Continual improvement can only be executed through an ear-to-the-ground focus of where your facility is going. We partner with you to ensure that your staff (and new staff that join your Organisation) are trained, are receiving our promised level of support, are kept in compliance with changing regulations, and are mentored through new innovations made available that could help you to better achieve your long-term goals. We’re partners, and we are committed to your success.