Compliant, safe, and simple sharps disposal.


Daniels Ecoship is a sharps and pharmaceutical waste management solution designed to optimise purchasing costs and handling efficiencies for small to medium sized healthcare facilities. We ship containers straight to your door and pick them up for you when you’re done, it's as simple as that! This contact-free solution is perfect as we navigate COVID-19 and future safety measures. Containers are delivered with clearly labelled packaging to ensure compliant handling, and our partner courier services facilitate Canada-wide shipping with minimal carbon footprint impact. 

Daniels Health can also provide, to any regulatory body who may require it, proof that your facility has contracted us as a medical waste disposal partner. This is a new need we have seen arise among non-acute partners across Canada and we are happy to provide a waste management solutions and any documentation your facility may require to operate.


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Ecoship is an easy, cost effective, and eco-friendly solution that takes the hassle out of waste disposal. With national coverage and an international base, we strive ourselves in offering the best service possible to Canada’s most important industries. With different sized containers and packaging configurations, our experts can help cater the service to your specific needs. Talk to us today. 


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How it Works

Listening to the feedback from our customers after 17+ years of servicing Canadian healthcare, we came to understand that no two healthcare facilities are alike and we needed to develop a solution for biomedical sharps and pharmaceutical disposal that was customised, efficient, cost-effective and minimised intrusion on patient care. Our ecoship program makes sharps and pharmaceutical waste simple to manage – we deliver a kit (size determined by volume of waste generated), and then when your container/s are full simply follow the instructions provided to seal the box, affix the Purolator bill of lading provided, and then contact us for pickup! Our simple pricing model includes two way shipping, no extras, no minimum time for pickup, we fit into your schedule!

3 Simple Steps

1. Set up


Take a look through our products and see what’s right for you. Get in touch and we’ll tailor a package to your needs and help you aboard. Quotes are free!

2. Delivery


Once you’re set, we’ll drop your kit off directly to your doorstep while we make our rounds. Saves on gas, saves on time!

3. Pack up, Pick up!


When your containers are full, send us a service form and we’ll come take it off your hands. If you need replacements, we’ll drop them off for you too. Easy right?