Hand Sanitizer Product Disposal

Secure, Compliant and Sustainably focused product destruction 


Mitigating risk and upholding compliance for healthcare organizations, Daniels' specialist hazardous waste services deliver expertise in categorisation, transport and treatment of recalled clinical products. 

Clear distinctions distinguish whether a product at the end of its life is regarded as a hazardous waste. In the case of hand sanitizer, due to the FDA recall of many hand sanitizer products citing methanol or wood alcohol poisoning risk, it is no longer just volume that distinguishes methodologies of disposal. If the manufacturer, supplier or purchaser concludes that the FDA-recalled hand sanitizer should be discarded, then in all likelihood most states will consider this material a waste at a company level, subject to hazardous waste standards. For hand sanitizer collection and disposal, the following should be reviewed under the hazardous waste classifications.

  • FDA Recalled Hand Sanitizer products
  • Bulk amounts of alcohol based products containing isopropyl or ethanol
  • Bulk amounts of expired hand sanitizer in single or bulk units


With over 35+ years of experience in healthcare, Daniels has the solutions, licensing and compliance expertise to protect the safety risk exposure and regulatory responsibilities of healthcare facilities in the total management of hazardous waste and recalled clinical products. Wth service and treatment facilities across Canada, all Daniels services are backed by industry specialists in categorisation and compliant treatment, mitigating organizational risk in the disposal of potentially hazardous substances. 


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The most secure and cost-effective bulk Hand Sanitizer Disposal solutions for Canadian organisations


Daniels cradle to grave Hazardous Waste Disposal solutions for bulk amounts of expired or recalled hand sanitizer product, ensure you are compliant with stringent disposal regulations.


With specialist hazardous waste experts, formulary pharmacists and environment treatment advisors, Daniels' hazardous waste expertise is unparalled in healthcare. 


Correct categorisation of waste and sustainable diversion prevents hazardous waste entering our rivers and waterways.


Our national infrastructure, routing density, and hazardous waste permitting enables the lowest cost with the highest level of compliance.


Our comprehensive formulary process, and cradle to grave destruction is supported by in depth reporting and certification of final product destruction.


As guardians of your cradle-to-grave waste responsibility Daniels Health takes every precautionary step to ensure our customers' risk is protected.

  • "Partnership in Sustainability..."

    Here at Centegra we are all about our future footprint concerning our environmental waste, this is where Daniels Health and Centegra become a very good match. Centegra’s working relationship with Daniels has been very professional throughout the years. One of the outstanding points that comes to mind is the reliability that Daniels has proven time and time again. 

    Tammie Johnson, Cumberland Medical Center, Crossville, Tennessee
  • "Team go above and Beyond..."

    A quick note of appreciation of the service delivery provided by Daniels Health, from the Drivers, office staff and the general Manager Colin Steeves, the Daniels team go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Service delivery times are consistent, drivers are courteous and more than willing to assist, the communication from the Moncton office is professional with additional requests expedited.

    Tom Steeves, Manager, Environmental Services, Horizon Health Network
  • "Always there to help..."

    We've had a contract with Daniels Health for the past 9 years. We had issues with pharmaceutical waste and contacted Daniels to put the RX reusable pharmaceutical waste program in place, since then we are legally doing the right thing. If we have questions or concerns, Daniels is always there to try to help in any way they can. Thank you Daniels for your support and services!

    Roger Charest, Environmental Services Manager, Vitalite Healthcare