Pharmaceutical Distributors 

Looking for a single vendor to handle
all pharmaceuticals and controlled substances?


With over 30 years experience navigating provincial and federal regulations surrounding the handling and disposal of hazardous pharmaceuticals, we at Daniels have positioned ourselves as trusted experts in protecting the brand and risk profile of Canadian businesses.


Daniels is focused on the Protection of our customers’ brand

Working with pharmaceutical distributors, drug manufacturers and large facilities disposing of expired or unused medications, our focus is always the mitigation of risks for the brands and healthcare facilities we partner with. Our Canada-wide collection, treatment and disposal services are designed to provide full traceability and proof of destruction for all pharmaceuticals including bulk expired medications, recalled or damaged product, narcotics, cytotoxic waste and injectables.


A single partner for Long Term Care and Nursing Facilities

In Healthcare Daniels have found a perfect synergy working with both pharmaceutical distributors, and the customers they work directly with to ensure pharmaceutical collection and destruction is managed at both a manufacturing and distribution level. Daniels supports hundreds of long term care and nursing facilities in managing the collection of expired and partially-used medications through the provision of security-designed pharmaceutical containers, onsite training, custom reporting and service scheduling, and a dedicated business manager to manage onsite needs.



Mitigating Risk through Secure tracking of the collection and disposal process


Daniels' fleet vehicles are tracked with geo tracking and fencing technology. As part of our commitment to customer risk management and service excellence, we do not employee owner/operators. All transportation staff undergo security clearance checks and are trained to ensure all regulatory requirements are met. 


Our service model is designed to achieve 100% ownership and security of waste from the time it leaves a customer facility and is transported, through to final treatment; our cradle to grave responsibility ensures that customer risk is managed, full transparency is provided, and destruction is tracked and recorded. 


Our trained compliance and regulatory experts work with you from account setup to final disposal to ensure each individual waste stream is being managed according to municipal, provincial and federal requirements. 


Unique customer reporting is available to help customers effectively manage their waste volumes and segregation outputs, together with Certificates of destruction. 


Unnecessary sorting fees are eliminated with our team working on site to ensure correct packaging and transportation requirements are met. 


With a national footprint and the ability to handle multiple wastestreams, Daniels' services are designed to scale in accordance with our customers' requirements. Licensed to handle bulk pharmaceuticals whilst providing secure collection systems to support small care facilities or single-site pharmacies, Daniels is equipped to service all sized facilities across the full spectrum of healthcare waste services. 

"Always there to help..."

We've had a contract with Daniels Health for the past 9 years. We had issues with pharmaceutical waste and contacted Daniels to put the RX reusable pharmaceutical waste program in place, since then we are legally doing the right thing. If we have questions or concerns, Daniels is always there to try to help in any way they can. Thank you Daniels for your support and services!

Roger Charest, Environmental services manager

Vitalite Healthcare

"Partnership in Sustainability..."

Here at Centegra we are all about our future footprint concerning our environmental waste, this is where Daniels Health and Centegra become a very good match. Centegra’s working relationship with Daniels has been very professional throughout the years. One of the outstanding points that comes to mind is the reliability that Daniels has proven time and time again. 

Tammie Johnson

Cumberland Medical Center, Crossville, Tennessee

"The difference is incredible..."

I am sure that should you choose Daniels Health, you will be as satisfied with their outstanding service and professionalism as their superior product. The difference is INCREDIBLE. To say that we are extremely satisfied is an understatement."

Robert Nye, Director Environmental Services

Atlantic Healthcare Systems - Mountainside

"Protects our staff, our patients..."

I could not have asked for a better transition to a product. The Daniels Sharpsmart collector allows us to protect our staff, our patients and our visitors as well as our environment. 

Jack Rupert, Director of Environmental Services

University of Louisville Hospital

"Reduced Biomedical waste by 58%..."

From switching over to the Daniels Sharpsmart system: in a 12-month period, we reduced our Biomedical waste by 58%. That in turn saved our organisation nearly $13,000.

Steve Egbert, CHESP, General Manager

Sodexo, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center