Daniels Environmental Impact in Canada

Since 2002, Daniels reusable sharps containers have resulted in...




By using the Daniels Sharpsmart system, your environmental impact will be significantly reduced each year. 

One of Daniels’ principal founding values is to achieve the highest level of ecology possible through innovation, product, and process. In our healthcare waste management practices, we utilise the most sustainable methodology of environmental effectiveness – reusability. By reusing sharps, biomedical waste and pharmaceutical containers instead of throwing them out, a significant reduction to overall waste volumes can be made. 


Globally, Daniels’ Sharpsmart system achieves significant reduction in the CO2 burden of healthcare facilities we partner with. Annually the system diverts millions of kilos of plastic and cardboard from landfill, and, with its 50 year life cycle, the Daniels Sharpsmart sharps container single-handedly eliminates the manufacturing of hundreds of thousands of disposable products. A complete life cycle assessment of reusable and disposable sharps containers reveals that the overall ‘carbon footprint’ of a Sharpsmart reusable sharps container can be up to 76% less than that of disposable containers.

“The 84% reduction of CO2eq emissions with the Daniels Sharpsmart system exceeds the 2020 reduction target for US federal hospitals and the 2050 target for UK NHS hospitals. If Daniels Sharpsmart reusable sharps containers were used nationally in the US, we estimate annual US hospital GWP would fall by 64,000 MTCO2eq.”

T Grimmond, S Reiner 


Our Environmental Results

Across multiple peer reviews published in notable journals, the impact of our reusable containment systems has demonstrated the following results for these select facilities: 


Reduced landfilled waste by 11.8 tonnes of plastic and 1.1 tonnes of cardboard annually through the elimination of disposable containers 

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28% waste reduction of 3.5 tonnes of plastic & cardboard waste per 100 beds per annum, and 99% reduction in container manufacture.

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Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 199.6 tonnes CO2eq per annum = 91% less than the previous disposable sharps system.

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51% reduction in container exchange labour with the larger Sharpsmart containers.

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