Our Fleet

Daniels has over 25 trucks in its national service fleet. To ensure consistency of customer experience, service expectations and familiarity with customer requirements, most medical waste pickup/dropoff services are fulfilled by Daniels Health personnel, and all vehicles are licensed to meet all regulatory requirements. 


  • Compliance

    All Daniels trucks are permitted and compliant with all federal, provincial and municipal regulations, meeting all government requirements.

  • Training

    Drivers complete all provincial and federal required training including but not limited to TDGA, BBP, HIPPA and PPE.  

  • Security

    Our fleet is geo-tracked for secure tracking of waste. 

Our Drivers 

Daniels Health ensures all drivers and personnel involved in the collection and transportation of waste have been trained in accordance with the requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act where applicable, and more specifically in: 

  • The operation and management of waste transportation vehicle and equipment; 
  • Relevant waste management legislation, regulations and guidelines; 
  • Major environmental concerns pertaining to the handling of waste; 
  • Occupational health and safety concerns pertaining to the handling of waste; and 
  • Emergency management procedures related to any incidents, including spills, which could occur in the handling and transportation of waste.


"Your Daniels Drivers..."

James and Mel (our drivers) are very courteous, helpful, and respectful. I love working with them.

Laura Rodriguez

Worldwide Clinical Trials

"So Customer Service Driven..."

We are so pleased with both our regular and fill in driver for St Joe's Brighton; both are so pleasant and customer service oriented. You should be proud to have two very awesome employee's working for your company.  The girls in the office also deserve a pat on the back!  Everyone is so nice and customer service driven. Go Team and keep up the GREAT JOB and all you do for your customers!  

Linda Hospital

St. Joseph Mercy

Why I Rely on Daniels

Daniels drivers are extremely courteous, and it is obvious they are trained and knowledgeable in their field. All Daniels Health representatives that we have had the pleasure of working with are knowledgeable and have been of great help to us.

Mackenzie Friend HT (ASCP), Safety Officer

Mid America Pathology Laboratory