Anatomical Disposal 

Reliable and secure service solutions for Anatomical Waste Management

With safety at the forefront of its solutions, more healthcare facilities are choosing Daniels for customer-focused and cost-effective Pathological and Anatomical waste services. 

Given the potential infectious nature of anatomical waste, stringent regulations govern its collection, transport and disposal. With over 30 years experience in healthcare, Daniels has the solutions, licensing and compliance expertise to protect the safety risk exposure and regulatory responsibilities of healthcare facilities in the total management of pathological and anatomical waste and can provide clear guidance on the distinction and segregation of both. As experts in all healthcare waste management, Daniels works with you to determine the correct containment, labelling and segregation instructions required for the type of anatomical waste generated from your facility - we're here to make it simple and safe for your staff. 

The most secure and cost-effective
anatomical waste solution in Canada


Dramatically reduced waste costs by customised scheduling, elimination of disposables and on-site solutions to effectively segregate anatomical and other healthcare related wastes 


Save time and labour by disposing and segregating waste at point of generation. Our reusable sharps containers are clearly labelled and clinically differentiated to ensure the right biomedical waste disposal protocols are met and your facility is protected in your cradle to grave waste responsibility. 


High quality security cameras are installed at all Daniels locations to ensure complete visibility of all operations; as guardians of the cradle to grave waste responsibility of our customers, we take no risks in the safeguarding of pharmaceuticals and high risk wastes.


Mobile cart and foot pedal operation accessories enable point-of-generation waste disposal; Daniels training and education instructs on the correct segregation of waste for the protection of staff and patients.


Choosing reusable containers dramatically reduce volume of plastic and cardboard being disposed of in landfill, Daniels collection and treatment processes are designed to minimise environmental impact. 


We don't take risks with patient and staff safety, all Daniels anatomical waste solutions are designed to protect users on site and in transport 

"Team go above and Beyond..."

A quick note of appreciation of the service delivery provided by Daniels Health, from the Drivers, office staff and the general Manager Colin Steeves, the Daniels team go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Service delivery times are consistent, drivers are courteous and more than willing to assist, the communication from the Moncton office is professional with additional requests expedited.

Tom Steeves, Manager, Environmental Services. 

Horizon Health Network

"Reduces our footprint..."

We take pride in improving our environmental footprint; this is one of the reasons we selected Daniels Health for medical waste removal services. Daniels technology reduces our waste footprint and needlestick injuries. Our working relationship with Daniels has been simple, reliable and easy for the hospital. I would readily recommend Daniels to other healthcare facilities.

Bill Brandow (EVS Director)

Anniston Regional Medical Center

"We can count on Daniels..."

Implementation, staff education and after sales service is of high quality. We can count on experienced staff to address any situation we encounter.

Solange Arseneau, New Product Coordinator

Vitalite Healthcare

"Daniels is just wonderful!..."

We are a free clinic with no means of support except for grants and donations, and therefore depend on fairly priced services for the clinic. Daniels is just wonderful!. The key points are dependability, professionalism and affordable pricing. The driver does a great job, personable and helpful and the entire program is really low maintenance. I am happy to recommend Daniels because of all they provide for us

Paul Tyrer (Office Manager)

SE In. Health