Reliable and simple service solutions for drug disposal

With safety at the forefront of its solutions, healthcare facilities are choosing Daniels for customer-focused and cost-effective denaturing and disposal of Controlled Substances.

Why Controlled Substance Disposal

In healthcare facilities, the management and handling of controlled substances are governed by strict regulations set forth by Health Canada. These substanc-es are categorized into schedules based on their potential for abuse, medical use, and safety. Regardless of their categorization, all controlled substances require scheduled drugs require specialized containment that complies with Health Canada's disposal requirements.. Healthcare facilities must comply with these regulations to ensure safe and secure storage, distribution, and ultimately the disposal of controlled substances. Compliance with Health Canada regulations regarding controlled substances is essential for hospitals and healthcare facilities to ensure patient safety, prevent diversion and misuse, and maintain legal and regulatory compliance. 


More Than a Service

Expert Advice

Daniels provides expert advice on the most effective pharmaceutical collection and tranport options to ensure cost minimization and realize the environmental benefits of lowering the volume and mass of controlled substance waste.


Streamlined Compliance

In the collection and handling of all hazardous waste streams, we work directly with our customers to review, analyze and streamline waste contents to ensure compliance. 


Lab Tested Denaturing Products

Controlled substance disposal requires specialized containment to comply with stringent disposal requirements. Daniels provides your choice of two intelligent drug denaturing systems so you can select the most efficient container option for your facility.





Drug Disposal Products

Daniels provides a choice of two intelligent carbon based drug denaturing systems to meet the unique requirements of all healthcare facilities.

Daniels is proud to be an advocate and distributor of Rx Destroyera range of fast acting chemical destruction solvents that make the witness wasting of partially-used medication safe, affordable and convenient. Meeting Health Canada's denaturing requirements, Rx Destroyer is an environmentally safe drug disposal solution that is especially helpful for controlled medications. The medication’s active ingredients are dissolved by the Rx Destroyer solution and are adsorbed and neutralized by its activated carbon. 

Daniels Secure a Drug drug-deactivation products enable the easy and permanent removal of potential threats associated with medication disposal, reducing risk to those most vulnerable. Formulated with activated carbon, Secure a Drug products provide a science-proven method of safely deactivating drugs prior to final disposal. According to Health Canada, unused controlled substances must be "altered or denatured to such an extent that its consumption has been rendered impossible or improbable. Secure a Drug products provide a safe intervention for the harmful wasting of drugs into our waterways, while providing an easy method for physicians, nurses and pharmacists to securely dispose of drugs within the healthcare setting. 

Carbon Based Drug Disposal Science

When medications are added, the liquid solution begins to breakdown or dissolve the medication immediately upon contact. 

Once medications are broken down, the activated charcoal begins a chemical digestion process that adsorbs the disposed medications. 

Once adsorbed, the medications are deactivated and rendered unavailable for misuse, alleviating risk of drug accessibility. 

Drug Deactivation Product Use

"We can count on Daniels..."

Implementation, staff education and after sales service is of high quality. We can count on experienced staff to address any situation we encounter.

Solange Arseneau, New Product Coordinator

Vitalite Healthcare

"A safer environment..."

Daniels takes care of our sharps waste stream for Provena Mercy Medical Centre. We are very happy with the service that Daniels provides in supplying and changing out our containers, the Sharpsmart reusable containers are a step in the right direction for a safer environment. Both Daniels and the hospital are ECO friendly, so that itself is a good match

Joyce Ocasio (EVS Manager)

Provena Mercy Centre

"Customer Service Stands Out..."

Daniels' customer service is what stands out in my mind.  If we call for a special request of containers, Daniels is right on the request and taken care of.  That does not even mention how great the containers are. I would definately recommend Daniels

Ali Obaidallah (EVS Manager)

Jackson Park Hospital

"Team go above and Beyond..."

A quick note of appreciation of the service delivery provided by Daniels Health, from the Drivers, office staff and the general Manager Colin Steeves, the Daniels team go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. Service delivery times are consistent, drivers are courteous and more than willing to assist, the communication from the Moncton office is professional with additional requests expedited.

Tom Steeves, Manager, Environmental Services. 

Horizon Health Network