Sharpsmart Sharps Container 28% Waste Reduction


Authors:   Grimmond T, Himes E, and Skinner D

Publication:   CleanMed2009 Conference, May 18-20, 2009 Chicago, IL



What was the study? 

The study ‘28% Waste Reduction with Sharpsmart Sharps Container - a 5 year, 103 Hospital Study’ examined the impact of 103 hospitals converting from disposable sharps containers to a reusable sharps container system (Sharpsmart) in terms of waste reduction and reduction in container exchange labour.


What were the results?

Conversion to the Daniels Sharpsmart sharps container system resulted in:

  • 28% waste reduction
  • Total waste reduction of 3.9 tons of waste per 100 beds per annum (3.5 tons of plastic and 0.4 tons of cardboard)
  • 51% reduction in sharps container exchange labour with the larger Sharpsmart sharps containers

Sharpsmarts sharps containers contribute significantly to healthcare waste reduction strategies."



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