Written by Megan Chamberlain
16 Jul 2020

Match Game: Healthcare Waste Containers

The era of dating game shows that begin with potential suitors shadowed behind a screen may be long behind us, but the concept of gaining a quick snapshot of details about your potential partner still entices all. Why not apply the style of the Match Game to your healthcare waste management containers?


Making a decision on which container and service provider best meets your needs can daunting. So, we’re putting it all out there for you! Below we lay out the main facts about all our reusable healthcare waste containment systems. Take a look and see if you find your match – or rather matches since you most likely have more than one healthcare waste stream that needs safe containment.

Plus, deep down, you kind of want medical waste containers that are as good-looking as they are safe? We did that.

Alright, step right up and meet the contestants who are vying to increase the safety of your facility and make waste segregation easy through their vivid colors:



The Sharpsmart

Waste Stream: Sharps Waste

Signature color: yellow body and ivory lid or, if the container is in a secure area and the tamper-proof tray isn’t needed, yellow body with yellow lid.

Sizes available + fill capacity:  S14 - 14 litres | S22 - 22 litres | S32 - 32 litres | S64A+ - 64 litres

Best suited for: all healthcare facilities that generate at minimum 1.7 gallons of sharps waste every 6 months.

Fun Fact: The Sharpsmart has over 20 inbuilt safety features that were designed using feedback from clinicians like you! Learn what makes this containment system so secure by clicking here.

Need more info? Learn more here.





The Medismart

Waste Stream: Biomedical waste

Signature color: big, bold gray with yellow label

Sizes available + fill capacity: M64 - 16.9 gal

Best suited for: All healthcare facilities that generate moderate to large volumes of biomedical.

Fun Fact: The Medismart isn’t into touching – in fact, it was designed to be a touch-less solution to dispose of biomedical waste. When paired with the Accessmart Trolley, the unit becomes mobile and can provide simple, point-of-use disposal with the touch of the foot-pedal that opens the lid.

Need more info? Learn more here.




The Pharmasmart

Waste Stream: Non-Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste

Signature color: ivory body, blue lid.

Sizes available + fill capacity: P14 Rx - 14 litres | P22 Rx - 22 litres | P32 Rx - 32 litres | P64 Rx - 64 litres

Best suited for: All healthcare facilities that generate moderate to large volumes of non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste.

Fun Fact: The Pharmasmart puts the safety of your staff and clinicians first. This container can be mounted on a secure, locking wall bracket which adds additional protection against tampering. Similar to all the Daniels Health reusable solutions, the container has both permanent and temporary locks too.

Need more info? Learn more here.




The CT Cyto Container Range

Waste Stream: Cytotoxic Waste

Signature color: Red body and red lit, or red body and ivory lid.

Sizes available + fill capacity: CT14 Cyto - 14 litres | CT22 Cyto - 22 litres | CT32 Cyto - 32 litres | CT64 Cyto - 64 litres

Best suited for: Secure oncology environments and infusion bays.

Fun Fact: The Chemosmart provides point-of-use disposal when paired with our Accessmart Trolley. The foot pedal allows you to quickly and safely dispose of trace chemotherapy waste without touching any surfaces.

Need more info? Learn more here.





So now that you’ve met all the contestants – who are you vibing with? Which container would you introduce to your mom – I mean, friend in purchasing who helps make decisions on what containers your facility uses?

If you’re not quite ready to take the leap – no worries. Change is hard! However, please know that our team is always available to talk you through how each of the solutions above can positively impact your facility. All Daniels Health solutions are designed to help protect you, the planet, and your budget. Reach out to us here if you want to continue talking.


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