Aligning with Infection Control

After elaborating on what infection preventionists could expect in 2021 Saskia v. Popescu, PhD, MPH, MA, CIC concluded with, "2021 will hopefully mean looking more at healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and returning to a sense of normality, but it’s important that we don’t return to a pre-COVID “normal” as that’s what got us into much of this mess."

Daniels Health emphatically agrees.

While there are numerous avenues for improvement of infection control in healthcare going forward, this is how Daniels Health will drive positive change:

  • Advocating for clinically-differentiated containers that provide hands-free disposal and reduce overall touches
  • Educating clinical staff on the many ways healthcare waste management strategy impacts infection control
  • Championing bagless, reusable containers that require no assembly and eliminate hand-tying of bags

The weight of an infection preventionist's responsibilities is a heavy one. Allow our team to support you with modern healthcare waste management that mitigates risks.


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How Daniels can drive a New Normal for your IC team


Static bins beside patient areas are susceptible to curtain overhang cross-contamination. We offer a mobilised solution that not only allows you to increase container hygiene, but also remove biomedical waste containers form the patient environment entirely.


As an IP professional, you understand more than anyone the impact of reduced surface touches and increased sanitisation standards. We offer reusable containers that are not only robotically-sanitised after each fill but also provide touchless disposal of waste.


Ensuring your clinical staff has point-of-use containers is a key step to reducing their risks during disposal. Our expert installation team advise where to place your containers and how - whether that be a floor stand, wall-mounted or on one of our mobile carts.


The "bag and box" method has been the standard for long enough. Cardboard boxes not only impact sustainability but are at risk for leakage and increased contamination. We offer the security of a reusable, bagless container. No more assembly - no more hand-tying bags.

ATP Tested Solutions

After two routine tests, a Pharmacy Clean Room failed to meet the acceptable levels of microbes allowed - we identified the cause as "nested" biomedical waste containers. We proposed and implemented a single sealed unit, the Daniels' Medismart. All our containers undergo a thorough washing and decontamination process after each use. Our patented robotic system is fully automated to decant, wash, sanitise and dry the collectors before redeployment. After Medismart implementation, no further work-surface tests failed.




Let's Explore Change Together

Everything we do is rooted in partnership to increase your safety. Daniels Health has over 30 years of experience collaborating with infection control experts to identify the ideal healthcare waste management strategy for their facilities. If you'd like to explore our full range of touchless containers by waste stream, click here.

Or if you're feeling empowered, excited, and eager to discuss the difference Daniels Health can make for you - schedule time to speak with one of our specialists.