Written by Laura Wakelam
18 Jul 2018

Our Version of Google Maps

How to get from Street A to Street Z on a website is not always a simple task. Let us help you navigate ours…


Without a map, we tend to rely on landmarks for orientation. In Paris this could be the Eiffel tower, or in Toronto, the CN Tower. When navigating the danielshealth.ca website – here are our most famous landmarks!


1. The intersection aka 'Times square'

Who are you and where do you want to go? This is the place where you find yourself - if you are a hospital you can navigate here, if you are a medical clinic you can travel here, or if your world revolves around long term care – this is where you will find solutions best suited to you! 


2. A Story About Us aka 'Universal Studios'

What are we like behind the silvery screen? Here you will get a behind-the-scenes look at Daniels in all its diversity; the things we value, the people, the scripts and the grand vision that drives our performance.  


3. The Product Gallery aka 'The Louvre'

Here we house our most valuable pieces; both artistic and functional, the full range of Daniels biomedical waste and sharps container systems and accessories can be viewed by waste-stream, volume capacity and technical specifications.


4. The Case Studies aka 'The Nobel Building'

Not quite Stockholm, but our residence for noteworthy clinical outcomes is quite impressive! Visit our library of studies here to learn how Daniels solutions dramatically impact sharps injuries, waste volumes, environmental outcomes and healthcare efficiencies.


5. The Knowledge Center aka 'Oxford University'

For Daniels education, this is the place to learn! Here you will find research articles, engaging blog posts, standard operating procedures, and a library of interesting facts that will help you in your intellectual quest to understand the clinical impact of healthcare waste management!


6. Contact Us aka the 'Toronto Visitors Center'

Stop by for a visit, put in a request, here you will find everything you need to connect your journey with Daniels to a friendly human being! 


We hope you have a wonderful trip!


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Laura Wakelam

Laura Wakelam

Chief Marketing Officer

Brand and Communications Curator of Daniels Health global group of companies, Laura is a strong believer in cause-driven brand identity and honest storytelling