The Historical Trends and Improvements in SI


Authors:   Grimmond T

Publication:   Sharps Injuries: Containing the Problem 



What is the article?

Terry Grimmond elaborates on the causes and effects of a sharps injury for healthcare workers. As he offers his insights on how this international healthcare issue can be reduced, we learn about the new legislation and options for sharps containers.


What did we learn?

This article discusses the historical trends and causes of a needlestick injury, including the following statistics:

  • From 1991 - 2001, annual US sharps injuries (SI) fell to 400,000 from 1 million
  • 40-50% of SI occur during a procedure
  • 20-35% of SI occur after a procedure but before disposal
  • 5-15% of SI occur due to inappropriate disposal in a sharps container

It's hard to believe now, but prior to 1980, sharps were recapped and discarded into garbage bags or scouraged containers, and up to 30% of environmental service staff suffered needlestick injuries annually."



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