Let's make billing easy.

To help you navigate your invoices, we've put together a few 'how-to' steps to quickly identify billing line items. 



  • When are invoices generated?
    <p>Activity based billing is billed once the service has been completed. Customer who opt for monthly billing will be billed for all activity at the end of the month. Monthly rentals are billed on the first of each month. </p>
  • <p>What is rental billing?</p>
    <p>Rental billing is the billing of containers based on the quantity installed as opposed to the activity. The billing should be consistent month to month unless there is a change in the pricing or container quantity.</p>

What do the type and description fields on my invoice mean?

Please refer to the table below to determine the meaning of the type and description fields.

Type   Billing Type Description
Material Per Kilogram Scale ticket Internal Reference*1234567) followed by the Material Type (RMW Bio- Autoclave, for example) 
Material Pick Up Scale ticket (Internal Reference*1234567) followed by the Container Type (S14, for example)
Container Drop Off Container Type 
Service   Service Charge Service Charge
Period Flat Rate Flat monthly rate along with the time frame charged
Period Location Container Type along with the time frame charged


Examples of each type of billing 













What is this service charge?

Please refer to the table below for each service charge and corresponding description.

Service Charge Description
Minimum Pick Up Charge The minimum subtotal to be met for all charges related to a manifest
Missed Pickup  Daniels comes on a scheduled time/pick up and the waste/Bins is not made available
Charge per Manifest Charge for each manifest generated
Incorrect Packaging Fee Charges to be paid by Customer for waste that it is incorrectly packaged or labeled
Stop Fee Charge for each service(stop/manifest)


What is this container?

Please refer to the table below.

Container   Waste Approx. Size Link to Product
S14/S14 A+ Sharps Bio  14 Litre View S14 here    View S14A+ here
S22 Sharps Bio  22 Litre View S22 here    
S32/S32 A+ Sharps Bio  32 Litre View S32 here    View S32A+ here
S64 A+ Sharps Bio  164 Litre View S64A+ here
P14PH  Sharps Pharm 14 Litre View P14 here 
P22PH Sharps Pharm   22 Litre View P22 here
P32PH/P32 A+ PH Sharps Pharm  32 Litre View P32 here    View P32A+ here
P64 A+ PH Sharps Pharm  64 Litre View P64A+ here
CT14 Sharps Cytotoxic  14 Litre  View CT14 here
CT22 Sharps Cytotoxic 22 Litre     View CT22 here
CT32 A+ Sharps Cytotoxic  32 Litre View CT32A+ here
CT64 Sharps Cytotoxic 64 Litre View CT64 here
53 Litre Biomedical Waste 53 Litre View 53 Litre drum here
106 Litre  Biomedical Waste 106 Litre View 106 Litre tub here
178 Litre Biomedical Waste 178 Litre View 178 Litre drum here
208 Litre  Biomedical Waste 208 Litre View 208 Litre drum here
360 Litre Biomedical Waste 360 Litre View 360 Litre bin here