Case Study

“Daniels Health has been an excellent provider of biohazardous waste disposal services throughout the pandemic and post-pandemic. We would recommend their services to any and all businesses.”

Jesha Raveendraraj – Laboratory Manger, FH Health

The Challenge

In August of 2021, the Ontario Ministry of Health released a directive applying to all Ontario-based hospitals and related ancillary healthcare facilities mandating that they have a COVID-19 vaccination policy in place by September 7, 2021.

As part of that policy, covered organizations (including vendors like Daniels Health) were required to ensure their employees were fully vaccinated. If employees were unwilling or unable to get vaccinated due to a medical reason, then they were required to submit to regular antigen point of care testing and provide verification of the results as part of the Provincial Antigen Screening Program.

This created two unique challenges:

  • Because of the required two dosages for many vaccines, employees were not necessarily able to be fully vaccinated by the time the mandate went into effect. This created a high demand for antigen tests, which were in short supply despite support from the City of Brampton, which provided free tests to all relevant business.
  • Waste generated from rapid test kits is considered hazardous, requiring proper management and disposal.


Our Approach


Because of an existing government contract with medical waste providers, the City of Brampton was required to house a large disposal bin to ensure proper disposal for businesses’ test kit waste. However, for reasons out of their control, the city was unable to provide that disposal service.


When the City realised they needed support, they reached out to Daniels thanks to a strong existing relationship underscored by years of reliable service. Daniels has been in Brampton since 2001, relocating to our current location at 52 Bramsteele Road in 2008, and the city was Daniels’ first commercial launch in North America.


After understanding the challenges being faced by the City of Brampton and the timelines associated, we were able to provide all Brampton businesses participating in the Provincial Antigen Screening Program with their own Biomedical Waste Pail to facilitate compliant waste disposal.

The Solution

The Daniels Biomedical Waste pail is an ideal solution for biomedical waste disposal in secure areas thanks to its safe design, with certification to significantly exceed penetration requirements for all applicable international standards.

Thanks to existing investments in our global supply chain, warehousing of surplus stock, and an above-and-beyond commitment from our on-the-ground teams to work overtime, we were able to supply Brampton businesses with fast set up, delivery and pick up of waste on short notice, expanding the scope of our service in the area while ensuring each business could maintain their own services as the Ontario Ministry of Health’s directive went into effect.

The Outcome

As a newly established and fast-paced laboratory, we needed reliable biohazardous waste disposal services that could match our testing demands. Due to the pandemic, our testing demands greatly varied and Daniels Health stepped up to the challenge to provide excellent service. Their employees are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable about the type of waste our lab was generating. There were multiple times that our sales representative personally delivered supplies to keep up with our high demand. Overall, Daniels Health has been an excellent provider of biohazardous waste disposal services throughout the pandemic and post-pandemic. We would recommend their services to any and all businesses.

As a service-oriented business with a mission of Making Healthcare Safer, Daniels Health was committed to providing above-and-beyond support during the peak of the pandemic to ensure that essential services could be maintained while rolling out vaccine and testing programs.

We were able to ensure continuity of service for Brampton businesses while adhering to high levels of regulatory compliance. Moreover, our reliability was critical to Brampton businesses, and through this period we recorded the highest DIFOT (Delivery in Full & On Time) scores in the Ontario medical waste industry with a 98.57% rating across our North American business. By supporting with the disposal of hazardous and biomedical waste generated from rapid test kits, Daniels had a positive impact on the quality of life in the community by helping a return to normalcy in a manner that emphasized safety and full compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.