Written by Amy Piser
21 Dec 2023

What Sets Sharpsmart Apart from Other Medical Waste Containers?

Sharpsmart is a system of reusable sharps disposal containers designed to meet the strictest possible needs of a medical environment. Existing users love the safety features that reduce needlestick injuries by a notable percentage, cost-effective qualities that allow the system to make sense even for clinics on a budget, and design sensibilities uniquely chosen by clinicians to make usage effortless. But prospective users may ask: What makes Sharpsmart stand out in a field full of possible waste disposal choices? Let's take a deep dive into the features Sharpsmart offers compared to the competition.


1 / Safety First

2 / Cost-Effective

3 / Staff-Friendly

4 / Environmentally Friendly

5 / Sharpsmart Is the Smart Solution for Your Healthcare Facility 

Safety First

What makes Sharpsmart the safest choice for sharps disposal? The fact that it is clinically proven to reduce sharps container-related injuries by up to 86.8% in studies speaks for itself; however, the safety features the system boasts reveal why that is true. Sharpsmart promises:

  • Clinically Designed Safety Tray
  • Extra Wide Opening
  • Overfill Protection
  • Hand Restrictive Access
  • Leak-Proof When Closed
  • Tamper Proof
  • Puncture Proof Due To High-Quality ABS Material


Sharpsmart is designed by clinicians to meet facilities' number one need: safety. This system offers incomparable safety features that can significantly reduce the rate of injuries to staff and patients. This not only saves team members' time from treating and recovering from sharps injuries but also reduces associated costs & legal issues from patient injuries. 

Sharpsmart containers come with a clinically designed safety tray with an extra wide opening that still promises hand-restricted access. No one can attempt to reach in or retrieve anything from inside. The candy test is a go to experiment: if a curious child drops a piece of candy into a sharps container, will they be able to reach their small hands in to retrieve it? In the case of Sharpsmart, the answer is a resounding no. 

Furthermore, when the container reaches capacity, the safety tray locks in place to prevent dangerous overfilling. The containers are built strong with tamper-proof, leak-proof, and puncture-proof design. Other bins can usually only promise leak and puncture resistance. 

These details reveal how Sharpsmart stands apart from other reusable and disposable sharps containers by putting safety first. All these features are exclusive to Sharpsmart, yet they produce an identifiable reduction in needlestick injuries in tested facilities. 


The Sharpsmart system has several built-in cost-reduction features that others lack. Obviously, utilizing a system of reusable containers, allowing them to be cleaned and used many times over, will quickly result in savings over disposable bins, especially since facilities are not required to purchase large stocks of containers. Daniels Washsmart offers full unit sanitisation. This robotic cleaning system exceeds disinfection standards and ensures that a safely sanitised container is returned to your facility each cycle. 

Sharpsmart also stands out by only advertising its true fill rate, whereas others market their total capacity.  Daniels' containers also come in colour-coded options for all waste streams, allowing facilities to rely on one supplier for all their waste needs instead of shopping across separate services. Again, Sharpsmart reusable containers eliminate the continued purchasing requirements that disposable units demand. All in all, buyers can rely on Sharpsmart to fit into their budget while offering smart qualities, such as:

  • The ability to reuse multiple times
  • Full transparency with true fill rate listings
  • Available in colour-coded bins for all medical waste streams
  • Full container sanitisation provided between uses
  • Elimination of continued purchasing requirements


The evidence clearly shows that Sharpsmart offers a better value than competing products while offering greater benefits for staff and patients alike. 


Sharpsmart containers were designed after years of research and development by clinicians to put their needs first. This goes further than many disposal systems that are little more than puncture-proof containers that must be combined by staff with bags or boxes for safe transport. The proof of this is reflected in the numerous unique features that make usage easier: 

  • Weighted Horizontal Drop Enables Hands-Free Disposal
  • Comes Fully Assembled
  • Developed From 5 Years Of Clinical R&D
  • Universal Mounting Brackets For All Containers
  • Moveable While In Use
  • No Plastic Bags & Cardboard Boxes Required


All system users will quickly identify the benefits of these handy design features. The weighted horizontal drop allows for quick, effortless, hands-free disposal. The containers come fully assembled and require no plastic bags or cardboard boxes, saving users a significant amount of time. Universal mounting brackets compatible with all containers allow widely customizable disposal solutions—sharps bins can be located immediately at the point of use for faster, safer elimination. 

Environmentally Friendly

Sharpsmart offers one of the most environmentally conscious solutions for sharps disposal, which can lower your facility's carbon footprint. In fact, a Sharpsmart reusable container can have an overall carbon footprint that is up to 76% lower than that of disposable containers. Unlike disposable containers, Sharpsmart containers can be reused many times, which not only reduces CO2 release but also means your facility will be adding less waste to landfills. Studies have shown that over a five-year period, Sharpsmart containers can actually reduce sharps-related waste by up to 28%.

Once returned to Daniels for cleaning, Sharpsmart containers are washed using a system that safely sanitises them without having to use dangerous chemicals that would otherwise be released into the environment and wastewater. In addition, the freshwater that is used in the later stages of the process is recycled and used again at an earlier stage, ensuring minimum water use while guaranteeing each container is clean and sanitized.

Sharpsmart Is the Smart Solution for Your Healthcare Facility

Adding up all of the distinctive features Sharpsmart delivers to healthcare facilities the decision becomes quite clear. Daniels’ Sharpsmart waste disposal system is uniquely designed to meet the robust needs of busy clinics. Staff and patients will enjoy greater safety and a reduced needlestick injury rate. This not only minimizes a facility’s liability but ensures maximum quality of care for patients while protecting staff from harm.

Budget-minded users will find the Sharpsmart reusable containers far more cost-effective over the long-term, as their reusability, lack of need for additional packaging, and simplified disposal process reduce unnecessary expenses. Finally, clinicians will appreciate the many practical features that make their jobs easier, almost as if the makers were reading their minds (or utilizing real clinical feedback in the design process!). Sharpsmart's design excels in every aspect of the waste disposal process, providing facilities with the ultimate product for sharps disposal. With such an intelligent design, no wonder it’s called Sharpsmart. 





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