Written by Laura Wakelam
21 Sep 2022

Medical Waste doesn't have to be ugly

Looking for an attractive way to safely store your medical waste? For many care offices, aesthetics are extremely important to the patient experience. For locations like medspas, plastic surgery centers, cosmetic dentists, acupuncture centers and tattoo/piercing parlors, a big part of their brand and identity revolves around the environment they’ve created for patients. Medical waste disposal is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be ugly.


1 / Environment Matters for Brands

2 / Medical Waste Can Blend into an Attractive Setting

3 / Container Innovations that Enhance Office Aesthetics

4 / Safe and Aesthetic Medical Waste Solutions 

Environment Matters for Brands

It’s been demonstrated that colors make people feel different emotions. Healthcare settings are encouraged to use colors like light blue and beige to soothe patients. This applies even more so to offices and clinics that provide cosmetic and elective procedures and services. Here, patients expect more of a relaxing, escape-style experience where their health and their wellbeing are catered to. 

So, medspas and dental offices that want to brand themselves as experts in aesthetics and body art, and alternative health clinics that offer acupuncture to name a few examples, need to focus on their setting and customer/patient experience. The last thing a clinic manager wants is to invest significant time and resources on office interior design, only to have it spoiled by garish medical waste containers that make the room feel more like a hospital room than a getaway.  

Medical Waste Can Blend into an Attractive Setting

Keeping patients and staff safe from medical waste and sharps should always be a priority for cosmetic service-based businesses. Biomedical waste containers are one of the most essential devices for ensuring waste is stored and disposed of properly. Typically, they're a light gray plastic, a colour designation which allows them to blend nicely into their surroundings while making them easily identifiable to the appropriate healthcare workers. Different colour-coding of containers also helps eliminate confusion about what goes into each container, so non-medical waste doesn't incur extra disposal costs. 

Container Innovations that Enhance Office Aesthetics

Med Spa Waste Solutions

Med Spas take beauty to the next level, offering patients innovative therapies and solutions to cosmetic issues. Although a med spa feels like a retreat, they are held to the same standards as hospitals. Injectables like Botox, Dysport and Juvederm use sharps which must be properly disposed of as medical waste. Estheticians work to make the process convenient and comfortable for their patients. Having conveniently located sharps containers can be part of that high level of service. 

Daniels Health can help with a customized waste solution service designed specifically for your facility’s needs. Our waste disposal utilizes a comprehensive approach that includes sharps, surgical devices, pharmaceuticals, and regulated medical waste, among other waste streams. Using our bagless reusable containers, your facility won’t have to worry about unsightly and untidy bags. Instead, we tailor your container to your volume needs and exchange containers after every fill. You receive a fully sanitized container at each scheduled pickup. It’s a self-contained system that never involves third-party contractors, so you always know that your patients get the same quality experience that your brand depends on. 

Containers that Fit Into Your Cosmetic Dentist Offices

While patients may visit a med spa to relax, trips to the dentist can cause anxiety. That’s why you want to do all that you can to create a safe, soothing environment. Space optimization is essential to the modern dental office as well, particular those that focus on high-end cosmetic procedures and care. That’s why Daniels Health offers mounting and mobile options that allow your sharps and medical waste containers to fit seamlessly into your care environments.

With a variety of sleek, user-friendly reusable container options, with Daniels Health you can have all of your dental practice’s biohazardous sharps, regulated medical waste, pharmaceutical waste, and dental amalgam waste taken care of. We’ve modernized medical waste systems, making them safer, more eco-friendly and intuitively designed with world leading technology.

IV Therapy and Medical Waste

Comfortable clinics are appearing all over the country to meet the demand for new and emerging therapies. The use of IV’s to administer therapies directly into the bloodstream has grown dramatically. Since these clinics use sharps, they have a need for sharps containers that blend into their environment. Some clinics, offering mental health care and hydration therapies, can feel more like a lounge-setting. In these environments, you want to ensure your sharps container meets your needs. Daniels Health containers are designed to be easy to find without being oversized. They offer a sleek, self-contained, and easy way to dispose of sharps. You can feel confident knowing your patients (who may be left unattended in their therapy rooms) are not at any risk thanks to a secure design that makes it impossible to stick a hand into the container. 

Tattoo and Body Modification Waste Solutions 

Retail locations like tattoo and body modification shops can be busy places where artists and consumers roam freely. You want a sharps and waste disposal system that is secure and fits into the values and aesthetic of your business. Daniels Health understands the needs of non-healthcare businesses. 

We work to address your specific needs, giving you containers that are appropriately sized for your volume. Medical waste from tattoo parlors includes gauze, gloves, leftover ink, and needle covers. Additionally, a sharps container is also essential for disposing of used needles. 

Safe and Aesthetic Medical Waste Solutions

We believe your medical waste containers don’t need to be ugly. Our sleek and compact designs allow for them to seamlessly fit into any environment. And because they are reusable, your facility is not only presenting an attractive, safe and responsible image, you’re also doing your part to be eco-friendly. 

Medical waste and secure sharps containers are essential to the health and safety of your staff and customers. With Daniels Health, you don’t need to sacrifice style for safety. Our innovative medical waste and sharps containers will provide user-friendly reusable containers that beautifully fit into the look and feel of your environment.





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