Written by David Skinner
23 Mar 2023

Alternative Solutions for Sustainable Waste Management in Canada

Canadian healthcare and veterinary facilities are increasingly facing challenges in waste management as the demand for healthcare grows. According to the World Health Organization, healthcare waste is regarded as the second most dangerous type of waste, only after nuclear waste, due to its extreme potential for causing serious harm to both people and the environment.

With growing pressure, many facilities are looking for a sustainable solution that can meet their waste disposal needs. However, for smaller facilities, many sustainable solutions to improve waste management are costly and unfeasible. This is why Daniels developed the Ecoship program to provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for Canadian facilities of every size.


1 / Challenges of Medical Waste Disposal for Small Quantity Generators in Canada

2 / Types of Medical Waste Generated in Small and Rural Facilities

3 / How the Ecoship Program Can Help Canada’s Healthcare Facilities

4 / Four Benefits of the Ecoship Waste Management Solution

5 / Find Out if Ecoship is the Right Solution for Your Facility 

Challenges of Medical Waste Disposal for Small Quantity Generators in Canada

Traditionally, facilities of all sizes have depended on disposable solutions such as plastic bags and single-use containers, which remain the standard for many facilities. However, in the interest of sustainability and safety, more facilities are making the switch to environmentally-friendly reusable containers for all of their waste streams.

This is certainly a positive development for improving the sustainability of medical waste streams. In the U.S., for instance, reusable waste containers have become the norm. But, because of numerous factors, such as geography and population density, this solution may not be an option, particularly for small quantity generators. Quality, reusable containers generally come in large sizes designed for the needs of medium and large facilities with significant waste disposal needs. These are then transported for safe disposal by dedicated networks through established supply chains.

Unfortunately, this has left many small or rural facilities without a safe and sustainable solution to disposing of their medical waste. That results in these facilities being left with outdated methods of disposal that are less safe and sustainable. 

Types of Medical Waste Generated in Small and Rural Facilities 

Small or rural generators of healthcare waste often produce medical waste within a few categories. For example, primary care doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and veterinarians may find themselves disposing of a disproportionate number of sharps such as needles and syringes, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals such as x-ray film and amalgam.

Despite how common these wastes may be, they can present significant challenges for small and rural facilities, even in the small quantities in which they are generated. After all, even one needlestick injury from an infected source can expose individuals to a 30% chance of infection with hepatitis B and a 0.3% chance of infection with HIV. 

Pharmaceuticals are a desirable target for misappropriation or tampering, and as with chemical waste, when improperly disposed of, may result in significant harm to the environment. It is clear that even in small quantities, these materials pose a significant threat both to people and the environment and must be disposed of properly

Today, there is an alternative to disposable waste containers. Seeing the need for a reusable solution that fit the needs of smaller producers and rural facilities not within the range of pickup routes, Daniels developed a new solution. It’s called Ecoship and allows facilities to mail back sharps and pharma waste, providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution for small and rural facilities. 

How The Ecoship Program Can Help Canada’s Healthcare Facilities

The Ecoship container is a revolutionary solution to the challenges facing small and rural healthcare facilities. The Ecoship mailback system allows facilities to receive approved sharps, pharmaceutical, and chemical waste containers right at their doorstep. These provide the same unparalleled safety that Daniels is known for, and when they are full, they can simply be packaged back up and shipped back for safe and compliant disposal. Facilities can then receive a replacement container to create a seamless system without the need for scheduled waste pickups. Explore four of the many benefits Ecoship offers. 

Four Benefits of the Ecoship Waste Management Solution 


Daniels Ecoship containers maximise convenience for your facility. We will ship each container right to your door and when they are full, simply notify us whether it is the next day or any time from then on, and a courier will pick them up and take them back for disposal. We can do this even for facilities outside of our routed areas by using our partner courier services. 

These containers are also convenient to use. You can purchase bench or wall brackets that will allow you to place the sharps containers in the areas they will be used the most, such as patients’ rooms or examination rooms. They also fit easily on dollies. Additionally, the containers are puncture-proof, tamper-proof, and leak-proof, making them safe as well as easy to use.

Cost Effective

Daniels sharps containers and pails are both cost-effective ways to dispose of medical waste. We drop off and pick up these containers as needed. This means no wasted extra trips or minimum service times. You can simply repackage, attach the bill of lading and let us know when you are ready for a pickup. Additionally, because these containers are safer, they will reduce the costs associated with injured staff members.  

Reduce Waste

Our products are eco-friendly whether you are using one of our Ecoship sharps containers or our pails. Many healthcare facilities still use disposable containers when disposing of their sharps. This is because many reusable containers are large and unsuited for regular courier services and will need special transport arranged to bring them to an approved site for final disposal. This is a considerable waste of materials and energy, which can be avoided with Daniels Ecoship containers.

These containers are designed to meet the standards for security and durability required by Transport Canada and Environmental guidelines. This means that they can be shipped through a courier service reducing wasted gas and carbon emissions.

Prevent Improper Disposal

Improperly disposed of medical waste can create severe hazards and significant environmental harm. Sharps disposed of through regular solid waste can create needle stick hazards and exposure to biomedical contaminants. It is crucial to package and dispose of sharps properly to prevent needless exposure to these risks, and Ecoship sharps containers make this easy.

Pharmaceutical waste can cause another severe environmental issue. When this waste is disposed of improperly, it can enter both surface and groundwater. In addition to the fact that these drugs can lead to environmental damage, many communities depend on these waters for their drinking water. As a result, it is essential to dispose of pharmaceutical waste properly. Our Ecoship pails are a safe way to dispose of pharmaceutical waste and keep it from entering groundwater. These leak-proof pails are an economical, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to dispose of this waste. 

Find Out if Ecoship is the Right Solution for Your Facility

For small or rural Canadian healthcare facilities, it can be challenging to deal with medical waste, particularly in a sustainable way. Though traditional solutions may fall short, Daniels Ecoship can help by providing a convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to your medical waste disposal needs. We can ship the perfect disposal solution right to your door, taking all of the hassle and high costs out of sustainable waste management. Reach out to Daniels to learn more about this cost-effective and convenient waste solution. 





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