Daniels Secure a Drug drug-deactivation products enable the easy and permanent removal of potential threats associated with medication handling, reducing risk to those most vulnerable. 

Supporting Brampton Businesses with COVID Test Kit Disposal

Wallsmart Mounting

Versatile container mounting that optimises space
and reduces cross-contamination risk



Optimise Space in Your Facility to Reduce Hazards and Improve Patient Care

Efficient container placement optimises hospital space, drives productivity, and reduces infection control risk.


Reducing Needlestick Injuries 

In 2015 EXPO-STOP, the largest sharps exposure survey in North America, conducted research on 182 hospitals from 38 states. The results showed:

Bulk Mounting + Movement  
We Make Waste Move! 

Bulk container mounting + movement that optimises 
hospital space, drives labour costs and efficiencies, 
and reduces infection control risk

The Daniels Surgismart system introduces mobile sharps disposal safety in the Operating Room 

The Daniels Sharpsmart system introduces a new modern standard of Sharps waste management.

The Daniels Chemosmart system introduces a new modern standard of Cytotoxic sharps management.

The Daniels Pharmasmart system introduces a new modern standard of secure pharmaceutical waste disposal